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I can’t recommend Dr. Greenstein highly enough! I feel very grateful to have found him! I began seeing him in December 2013 in order to address a cluster of symptoms related to a recent diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. These symptoms included high blood pressure, high cholesterol and out of balance hormones, among others. Additionally, I had been told that it would be very difficult for me to conceive without trying different prescription medications and possibly in-vitro fertilization or considering adoption. I felt dissatisfied and discontent with the options and answers I received from my “western” doctors and knew I wanted to try something different, something that actually addressed the root of the problem. Within one month of seeing Dr. Greenstein for acupuncture, along with herbs that he prescribed, my blood pressure was fairly consistently within the normal range (it was high prior to that). One and a half months after I began seeing Dr. Greenstein, I found out that I was pregnant! Furthermore, my cholesterol levels went from being high to being within the normal range during this time. I am now 14 weeks pregnant and have had a healthy pregnancy so far. I will definitely continue to see Dr. Greenstein throughout my pregnancy for care, as I trust him completely to support me through this to a happy, healthy baby!



Rob's precision, perfectionism and wisdom was a perfect mix to ease my anxiety about fertility issues. He new exactly how to treat my body with acupuncture and herbs and never missed a beat.  He also gracefully held all of my worries so I was able to relax from week to week.   I conceived and had a healthy pregnancy, and now I have a happy and healthy little boy.  I trust Rob 150% and highly recommend him without reservations.



I never knew acupuncture could help me with so many different things. Dr. Greenstein was recommended to me for my carpal tunnel, but in the same year, he was able to relieve a horrible case of poison oak, helped my husband with his chronic migrane pain and was instrumental with our fertility issues... almost two years after first meeting with Dr. Greenstein, we not only are leading more productive lives, but we have a healthy, beautiful baby girl.

Rachel P.



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